C-E Minerales de Venezuela

C-E Minerales de Venezuela is an international supplier of high quality, high purity white fused alumina used for investment casting shells, refractories and abrasives. Located in the city of Puerto Ordaz, it is a state-of-the-art facility with abundant electrical power and locally available raw material, both necessary to produce fused white alumina and magnesium alumina spinel.

At C-E Minerales every delivery of raw material is closely monitored and tested for chemistry, L.O.I. and particle sizing. A vendor certificate of quality is issued to insure that the material meets established quality levels.

Alumina is transported via a "dense phase" system to holding bins located over the furnace area. There it is fed directly into the melting area of the electric arc pour furnace system.

The heart of the process is the melting and conditioning of the alumina through exacting quality control and furnacing techniques established by C-E Minerales.

The molten material is poured into specially designed water- cooled molds. There it will remain until the proper crystal structure and density of the fused alumina is achieved.

The completed ingot is moved to the breaking area where it is crushed before being stored in the warehouse.

Throughout the process, samples are taken and tested for density, apparent porosity and chemistry. The finished product is shipped in either bulk or jumbo sacks as specified by the customer. A quality certificate is issued to the customer with each shipment.